It may happen that your card is rejected, even though you have enough money on your bank account.

Whenever you make an attempt to purchase on a Payment Page, incase the transaction is rejected you will receive an automatic notification on the Payment Page. There will be a red box popping up under the section where you provided your payment details. The box contains both the reason and also a potential solution to the issue ( may it be a typo or a Bank card provider policy issue).

However, here are the main reasons why it can happen :

  1. Your bank is wary of "high risk merchants" (category that we fall into for selling adult content and services) and denies us the ability to charge you. In this case simply reach out to your bank and let them know you want to purchase with us.
  2. You are using a proxy or public wifi. This is very likely to trigger our anti-fraud system, and we cannot charge you. Please do not use proxies nor public wifis when attempting to purchase on IndieBill.

Those 2 steps removes about 90% of issues. If it does not apply to you or still is not working out, feel free to reach out via chat so we can have a look (in the bottom right).


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