Below you will find which types of services you can sell with IndieBill, and which you cannot. Please read carefully as not respecting those rules may result in your transactions being refunded, and/or your account being terminated.  

Please understand this is not an exhaustive list as well and we reserve ourselves the right to terminate any of your pages anytime. 

Please make sure to always use the right page to sell the right service (if available). For example, using a tribute page (donations) to sell Skype shows is strictly forbidden.  

No real life meetings - Any page which relates to real life meetings in any way whatsoever, such as escorting / pro-domme sessions / date raffles, are strictly forbidden.

Simply suggesting that a real life meeting may be possible is strictly forbidden and may result in the immediate termination of your account. 

No selling access to third party websites - Selling access to any website via IndieBill is strictly forbidden 

No selling recorded videos delivered outside of IndieBill - Selling recorded videos (or any other content) which are delivered outside of IndieBill, for example via Dropbox, is strictly forbidden. 

Please note that taking payments for custom videos (which IndieBill cannot deliver currently) is allowed. We will add a specific custom work page during the year. 

No selling currencies - Selling any form of currency enabling the customer to get content and services somewhere else is strictly forbidden. For example, you cannot sell to your customers Diamonds, Coins, Tokens etc. enabling them to get stuff somewhere else. 

No selling physical items  - IndieBill cannot be used to sell any physical items (panties, socks, posters, DVDs etc.) anymore. 

No “pay for anything” pages - Pages which suggests the customer is making a payment for something unspecified that is delivered outside of IndieBill are strictly forbidden.

Please note that getting donations from customers is allowed, but it must be clear that nothing is being sold and the customer is simply tipping. 

If you’re in doubt regarding whether or not you can sell something in particular with us, don’t hesitate to reach out to us via the support button - we’ll look into it and let you know whether or not it’s fine by us.

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