Below you will find which types of content you cannot sell with IndieBill. Please read carefully as not respecting those rules may result in your transactions being refunded, and/or your account being terminated.  

Please understand this is not an exhaustive list as well and we reserve ourselves the right to ban any content any time. 

No underage play
- Please remember that any presentation or representation of minors engaged in intimate physical conduct or sexual situations is strictly forbidden.
Even if you’re 40 and act 16, that is not okay. 

Please note that light age play is allowed, such as fantasies revolving around schoolgirl uniforms or calling your customer “Daddy”. Advertising extreme / taboo ageplay is strictly forbidden.  

No non consensual sex
- Any pages or content which relates to non consensual sex in any way whatsoever, such as rape fantasy, sex with someone who is on drugs or sleeping, sex with someone who has been hypnotized etc. are strictly forbidden.

💩No scat 💩-  no poop either actual or simulated, thanks!

Please note that Fart videos are allowed, as long as they don’t cross the line.  

No vomit - no vomit either actual or simulated, thanks!

No bestiality -  Sex with an animal, either actual or depicted, is strictly forbidden. Any content which sexualizes any animal whatsoever is strictly forbidden.

Please note that having, for example, sex with a teddy bear wearing a strapon is considered “depicted sex with an animal” and is therefore strictly forbidden. 

Please note that if, for example, your cat walks through the room during your video but is not sexualized whatsoever in the content then it is fine.  

No father / mother / brother / sister incest roleplay - You may only sell incest roleplay content if it relates to the ‘extended family’, for example between cousins. 

No liquid blood - You cannot sell any content which features blood coming out of bodily harm in liquid form (like from an open cut for example).

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