As an adult start-up, we know the risks associated with this line of business - especially for the performers who are at the front-line. 

That is why we have taken very strong measures to secure your personal information. We never share your personal information to any third parties.

In particular, here are some measures we’ve taken to guarantee your safety: 

  • Identification documents are stored encrypted on a specific server at Amazon (the leader in cloud computing) so that a hacker would need to hack Amazon - not us - to get your documents, and even then he wouldn’t be able to read the files. 
  • We’ve installed a 256-bit SSL security certificate on IndieBill so that whenever you send or receive data which is potentially sensible from us, it is encrypted. This certificate materialises by a green secure word + a lock icon in your URL bar whenever you are on an IndieBill page.
  • Only the founders can see your identity documents. We're 2 founders and only us can look at IDs - it requires a double authentication with our phones.

If you have more questions about how we handle security, please do not let hesitate to reach - we share transparently.

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