Unlike most other adult sites, we do not currently provide customers / traffic. This way we have no marketing costs and can payout our partners much more than the competition.

Our focus is on providing you the best tools to build, grow and thrive running your independent business. 

Most of our partners generally developed their audience overtime by working onto other adult websites and through social media marketing. 

Don’t worry though, it’s interesting to work with us even if you have 1 regular customer since we payout so much more - you can start small with us and gradually grow !

Note : We do plan on providing customers in the long run. This will be done through affiliate partners bringing traffic and getting a share of the earnings per sale generated (you will always keep 85% on your own sales).

We currently have a first partner with who we are experimenting: www.SexySnapStars.com. SexySnapStars brings Snapchat customers only. 

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