The Snapchat payment page allows you to sell premium accesses to your Snapchat account for durations of your choosing.

We will automatically give your customers your Snapchat username after purchase, as well as ask them to enter their own so you have it. We cannot add Snapchat customers on your Snapchat friend list though, you need to do this manually (please do it quickly so customers don't complain).

You can create one by clicking on "Sell a new Snapchat" in your Products section. Here is a demo page if you want to check it out.

Note: if you're not too sure how it works to operate a Snapchat business, IvyAdams from StripperWeb has written a fairly awesome article on the subject. You can accept it there : 

Some specificities about the Snapchat Payment Pages: 

  • Your customers get your Snapchat username right after purchase
  • Your customers can enter their own Snapchat username so that you have it - it will appear in your Sales section (sometimes they do not type it in, in this case you'll need to reach out)
  • You get to choose the periods of time you wish to offer: 1 or 2 week(s) / 1, 2, 3 or 6 month(s) / 1 year / lifetime
  • You can price each chosen time period freely, your customers can select the one they want on the page

Note: we do not currently have recurring billing ("rebills") and only process one-time purchases. Therefore you need to ask your customer to purchase again when their period ends, and to keep track of who got added when (spreadsheet from Google is great for this)

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