The Content payment page allows you to sell any type of digital files (videos, Zip files, pictures, PDF etc.) up to 15 GB per file. We will take of automatically delivering your sold files right after purchase. 

You can create one by clicking on "Sell a new content" in your Products section. Here is a demo page if you want to check it out. 

Please note that you should first upload the content you wish to sell in the Content section, once uploaded your content will then appear in the payment page creation form so you can select it.

Some specificities about the Content Payment Pages: 

  • It can be used to sell any digital format - not just videos.
  • It can accept files up to 15 GB.
  • We'll automatically deliver your files to your customers after purchase (download)
  • The download link is secured - there's no sharing it on the interwebz for free, you can be sure of that! 
  • You can sell bundle of videos (or pictures) by zipping them together and then creating a page for it
  • The minimum price is $3 per GB, so a 4 GB video should be sold at least $12 for example
  • Customers can download their purchased content again in the future
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