Everything that is related to payment pages edition happens in the Products section of IndieBill (attention though, if you're selling Content you need to upload them in the Content section firstly).

At the top of the Products section, you will find the buttons allowing you to create the various types of payment pages: 

In order to create a payment page, you will be asked to fill out a quick & specific form : 

And as soon as it is created the page will appear in your Products section among the other pages you have created (latest appears first) depending on their category:

You can view, edit and delete your payment pages from there by clicking the buttons at the bottom of the block. No worries, the system will ask you for confirmation on deletion so that you cannot miss click.

Note: It is not currently possible to edit the price of payment pages, you need to create a new one in this case.

In order to share your payment pages, you simply need to click on field containing its URL and then copy paste it wherever you want.

(We do plan on adding more options to share easily on social media but it is not ready just yet.) 

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