IndieBill does not (yet !) feature a way to shorten payment page URLs unfortunately. 

We are aware this can be an issue to share their links to your customers, especially on some social media, that is why we've looked into a great free solution that you can use meanwhile.

Rebrandly is a free URL shortening service that you can use to make your URLs much shorter and readable. For example : 

Here is what is cool about Rebrandly :

  • It's free
  • You get to write the URL - you can write something easy for your customers to understand & remember (much better than !)
  • You can connect your own domain so to have your branding on your URLs
  • You can change the destination URLs anytime - meaning you can put a new payment page in the same short link for example (so that you don't need to change your short link everywhere online)
  • You get metrics to analyse how many people have clicked on your URLs and so forth

Note: As of the 7 November 2017, it is ill advised purchasing a domain through, for they offer no privacy protection. Please take to always purchase your domains through a registrar protecting your anonymity!  

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