Payment pages are the bread and butter of IndieBill. They are super quick to create and allow you to easily sell your content and services online. 

Once your account is validated, you can simply share - or put on your site - their links to your customers so they can pay quickly using their credit card.

IndieBill currently features 4 main types of payment pages:

  • Skype Shows pages, allowing you to sell blocks of time with you on Skype
  • Content pages, allowing you to sell any digital files to your customers (not just videos!)
  • Snapchat pages, allowing you to sell premium accesses to your Snapchat account
  • Tribute pages, allowing you to receive tips & tributes (donations) from your customers

Each payment page has a creation flow (for you) and a purchase flow (for your customers) fully adapted to what you are selling. 

Note: although we do not have specific pages for it just yet, it is also possible to use IndieBill to sell custom videos, phone sex time, other social media etc. Don't hesitate to reach out if you wonder how to get it done !

Whenever you make a sale, we will immediately notify you by email with a recap + the email of your customers.
Additionally, some other details - such as the usernames of your customers - are available in your Sales section.

Key features of IndieBill payment pages: 

  • You always get 85% on your sales, chargeback protected
  • Accept credit card payments up to $300 per transaction ($400 for Skype shows)
  • Simple and straightforward - customers don't need to signup or click around
  • Super quick to load, we've kept their size very small
  • Mobile friendly - the pages display perfectly no matter the screen size
  • Video previews (optional)
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