IndieBill has joined ePayments so that we can issue payouts through their solution. They are an online wallet supporting 3 currencies : USD, EUR and RUB. 

It also features a prepaid Mastercard that you can order for $35 if you wish from them - although not necessary.

We payout for free to ePayments wallets, in Euros directly, no minimum balance is required. 

We will issue the amount you have on your IndieBill Balance at the end of the pay period (15th / 30th of the month). We'll send you an email whenever we wire your earnings to your ePayments wallet, the money arrives instantly.

In order to get paid out via ePayments, you will need a valid account with them (you can sign up here) and then add it as your payout method. To add ePayments as your payout method, simply click on "Payouts" at the left hand side after you logged into your IndieBill account. You will find there at the middle lower part of the page " + Add a payout method " button.

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