At IndieBill, we believe there is something utterly wrong regarding how society and people in general consider adult entrepreneurs.

We think they are mostly being hypocrite and are giving us all a hard time because they're globally inconsistent with themselves: 

  • They say it is not normal to earn a living with your body, although they do exactly the same thing - selling their brain and muscles to companies.
  • They say everybody should have equal opportunities, and then slam their door in our faces - preventing us from opening bank accounts or accessing great tech.
  • They say they're open-minded, and then try and tell us adult is not a legit business.
  • They say it's a free world, and then try to force us acting in another way - like we don't know what we're doing, but they do.

When they're done with their intellectual jerk-off, they hop on on a porn site for some more action!

As a result, adult entrepreneurs cannot access much of the awesome tech available for developing their businesses. That's breaking our balls. Big time.

There's no valid reason why people building legal businesses should not be able to do so without lying to their business partners, or relying onto the same great tools as everyone else.

There's no valid reason why being an adult web entrepreneur should be a daily pain in the ass to get even the simplest things done, and we want to change that.

Changing things is always complex and very time-consuming, you can get lost in it. That's why we're purposely starting rather small with IndieBill: for now we want to build the best solution for you to sell directly to your own audience.

We believe selling content and services for gift cards is a rather clunky process - too many manual operations -, and getting your customers to buy on sites paying 60% ain’t exactly fair either. 

We want you to be able to sell content and services as easily as if it were books, while getting a fair amount: your customers, your content, your money. We want to turn around the balance of powers between content producers and the rest of the industry.

If you think IndieBill is a great project, whether you have your own audience already, or always contemplated going Indie, please help us spread the word by telling your friends. 

Join us and help us build the greatest community of empowered adult entrepreneurs.

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