When you sign up to IndieBill, you first have a "demo account". Demo accounts are pretty much the same as validated accounts, except that it is not possible to sell and earn money with them.

It allows you to click around and see if you like using IndieBill though.

In order to get your account validated, you will need to click on the Validate Account purple button :

And then go through the 3 steps :

For the identity verification, we allow the following kind of documents :

  • ID cards¬†
  • Passports
  • Driver licenses

As soon as the 3 steps are completed, your account will be activated & you will be able to start selling with us and earn 85% per sale.

Do not miss to fill out the on boarding survey. Giving us links of your social media profiles and other platforms shows how experienced you are in the online industry.

Please note that for the identity verification we generally review the documents submitted within 3 working days. However for countries from which we are less used to receive identity documents we might need more time in order to process them.

You will get an email from us as soon as your account is activated ! 

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