How it works :

IndieBill is a solution designed specifically for you to sell adult content and services to your own audience efficiently. 

In particular, IndieBill makes it super easy to sell Content (videos/pictures/audio clips), Snapchat access, Skype shows as well as receiving tips/donations. 

You may only sell online content & services with IndieBill. 

We handle the payment processing, cover you from chargebacks and automatically deliver sold content to your customers so that you don't have to mess with file sharing and can sell easily.

Selling is done by creating Payment Pages. Once your account is verified, you'll be able to share the link of the Payment Pages to your customers for them to purchase. You earn 85% per sale.

As soon as you make a sale, we'll notify you by email with an order recap as well as the email of your customer.

Here are some examples of what we provide you with at IndieBill :

We payout for free twice a month, and also have partners paying out daily on our behalf (paid service).

How it is organized: 

IndieBill is currently split in 3 main sections, each serving one particular purpose :

  • Content
  • Products
  • Sales

The Content section is where you upload the files (images, videos, audio...) that you want to sell with us. You can drag and drop multiple files at once and everything will go through nicely. 

The Products section is where you can manage everything that you sell with us and create new payment pages. This is where you set prices, descriptions, titles, preview images & videos and so forth.

For example, if you want to sell a video with us you would first need to upload it in the Content section and then create a payment page for it by clicking "Sell a new content" in the Products section.

For each payment page, we grant you a link that you can share to your customers for selling (assuming your account is validated).

The Sales section is where you can see all the sales you've made with us from start as well as their related information. For example, if your bought your Snapchat then its own Snapchat username will appear there right in the sale.

You can also click on your balance to access your Payout History as well as add new payout methods.

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