If you enjoy working with us, you can refer us people who may also need our services and help us build the greatest community of independent adult entrepreneurs. Help us grow and we’ll give you a little extra back! 

You can refer anyone who is 18+ to IndieBill: Cam Models, Developers, Porn Stars, Designers, Studios… everyone is welcome! And everyone will be welcomed with the same quality of service that you had (hopefully even better!).

How to refer : 

As soon as your IndieBill account is validated, you will be granted a special link to refer people to IndieBill. You will find this link by clicking on your avatar in the top right and then "Referral" :

You will find your link right at the top of the page:

By default this link will send people to our landing page (http://go.getindiebill.com) where we display all the information for sellers to see if they'd like to work with us.

You may however add the tracking parameter (?rcm=y6j2r1 in the case of our demo account) to any www.getindiebill.com page and if people sign up to IndieBill after clicking on your link they'll count as your referral.

Whenever you got a new referral, we'll notify you by email instantly.

Note: If you referred a friend and he or she did not click on your link, no worries ! Let us know on the live chat and we can correct manually :)

Earnings : 

Whenever you refer someone to IndieBill, you will earn 2% of that person's earnings for a 12 months period.

For example, if you refer someone earning on average $500 per pay period with us then you would earn $20 per month. Or $240 in total for referring the person.

This may not look as impressive as some of the other adult sites out there, but please remember that we're paying out 85% to you (and them!) in the first place.

Technical note : referral links put a 7 days cookie, so if you refer someone who doesn’t sign up right away you still have chances. When many people refer the same person, the last referrer wins.

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