Generally we will transfer your earnings twice a month. You will receive the amount present on your IndieBill Balance* at the end of the pay period (15th /30th of each month), then the amount will remain there.

Each month is divided into two Pay Periods :

  • From the 1st until the 15th day of the month included,
  • From the 16 until the last day of the month

As soon as a pay period is over, we will start issuing payments. Generally we need about 72 hours to issue all payouts.

As soon as your payout has been issued, you will receive an email notification from us so that you know your money is on its way. Your balance will be corrected, and the payout will show up in your payout history.

Please note we have a daily Payments option through BoleynModels.

* consider some payout types require a minimum balance ( SWIFT Bank Transfer, SEPA , Paxum)

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