By default, we consider the initially inputted payout method as the active one, not the lastly inputted one.

If you wish to make changes you need to input the data and reach out to / or drop us a line in the live chat at the right corner of each page.

Meaning that if you had, for example SEPA payout set and now you added BoleynModels, then you need to reach out to us to make the modification! 

In case you wish to delete your previous payout information, please drop us a line and we'll get it done for you as well.

Please consider that due to our accounting practices we can only set the change live if you reach out at least 72 hours before the last day of the Standard Pay Periods. 

In case you were on daily payouts, we will only be able to set you to standard ones from the next pay period. Meaning if you reach out for example on the 23rd to change your payout from BoleynModels to SEPA ( for example)  you will still receive your earnings via Boleyn till the end of the month.

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