Although we're based in Europe, we have access to the US domestic wire system (ACH). Therefore, we're able to send your earnings for free directly to your American bank account, just like any local US based site.

There is a 125 USD minimum Balance for fee for ACH payouts. 

We do not charge any additional amount on the transfer. We will issue the amount you have on your IndieBill Balance at the end of the pay period (15th / 30th of the month).
As soon as we issue your payout, we will notify you by email. On occasions it can take maximum of 5 business days for ACH transfers to reach your account. 

To add ACH as your payout method, simply click on "Payouts" at the left hand side after you logged into your IndieBill account. You will find there at the middle lower part of the page " + Add a payout method " button.

Note : 

  • We cannot accept P.O box addresses when you fill out your banking information. We need the address you have given your bank.

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