In order to ensure that IndieBill is not used toward selling services or content which are either illegal or in breach of our terms, we work with an independent team of moderators. 

Each piece of content is reviewed by 3 different moderators in order to reduce the risk of mistakes as much as possible. However, mistakes will happen nonetheless - if you feel that is the case then don't hesitate to discuss it with us on the support.

Please know that we're on your side and want to work with you. When we reach out to you regarding a moderation issue, we first and foremost mean to clear out the issue and avoid it being repeated in the future (unless you're trying to sell something completely illegal with us, such as content featuring underage performers, in which case we will pass along all available information to the competent authorities). 

Below you will find our general guidelines in order to avoid moderation issues. However, please understand that adult content comes into too many different flavors for us to list them all. 

As a result, we proceed on a case-by-case basis (though we do have general guidelines). 

General guidelines:  

  1. The following kind of content and services are absolutely forbidden and may result in an immediate account termination: escorting, real-life Pro-Domme sessions or otherwise meeting customers in real life; scatophilia; bestiality; non-consensual sex & rape fantasy content; consuming illegal 'hard' drugs or inciting to consumption (Cocaine, etc.); extreme age play; pedophilia; snuff & mutilation. This list is non-exhaustive. 
  2. Please use the corresponding page whenever available. For example, if you're selling a video you must use the content page (not a Tribute one). In case the page is not available yet, then you can use the closest one (for example the Skype show page for Discord shows). 
  3. Please do not use IndieBill to sell content delivered outside of IndieBill. If you're selling content, it must be via the content page so we deliver it and can moderate it.

    Selling passwords to access private member areas, selling content that you then deliver through Dropbox (or otherwise), selling virtual currencies that can be used in other places (e.g. tokens to use on your site to purchase content) are all forbidden.   
  4. Please do not use IndieBill to sell the following kinds of content and/or services (not supported): No physical item sales (panties, DVDs, socks, posters or otherwise); ABDL (Adult Baby / Diaper Lover); Vomit; Content where a performer is being hypnotized (because of consent being potentially impaired); Content where alcohol is consumed in large quantities; Taboo role play;  Incest with close relatives (such as father, mother, brothers & sisters); Content where non-performers appear (for example people passing by in the background).
  5. Please do not sell content featuring people drinking urine, or otherwise inciting people to drink urine. 
  6. Please do not sell content featuring liquid blood coming out of bodily harm. Pain play is fine, but please do not cross the line in terms of harm caused. 
  7. Please do not sell content featuring weed/marijuana consumption (even if legal for yourself locally), or otherwise inciting to consumption. 
  8. You can sell content featuring enemas, or generally inserting stuff anally, as long as the substance cannot be considered 'Depicted scat' (for example, no chocolate but milk is fine). 
  9. Please make your pages as specific as possible to that our moderation team (and your customers) can better understand what is being offered. Do not make pages such as "you know what you are paying for" or "pay for anything I offer" - those will be banned and possibly refunded. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to hit the live chat bubble in the bottom right and reach out! 

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