Whenever one of your content, be it a page or a file, is found to be in breach of our terms or guidelines, you will receive an email notification from us. This email features indications as to what is wrong with your content.

Please note that it may happen that our moderation team makes a mistake when reviewing your content, if you disagree you can contact us by replying to the email or directly at support@getindiebill.com and we will review again.

Moderation issues fall into 3 main categories at IndieBill: 

  • Edit required issues, which are the softer ones. We're just kindly requesting you to edit your text or images so to respect our guidelines. Perhaps one of your preview images is broken or you've used an unfortunate formulation which we'd like rewritten.
  • Standard importance issues, which range from using the wrong page when selling something, to offering content or services we do not allow but are not illegal (for example using IndieBill to sell panties). 
  • Critical importance issues, which are of the utmost importance and may result in an immediate account termination. Critical issues encompass things such as offering escorting services, scat content, non-consensual sex and/or rape fantasy content, extreme age play and so forth.

Here is our commercial refund policy in case of a moderation issue: 

  • Edit required issues: You're essentially not at risk of sales being refunded. Please do take care of not repeating the same issues in the future nonetheless, thanks!
  • Standard importance issues: Most likely your sales won't be refunded, unless you have repeatedly breached our moderation guidelines.
  • Critical importance issues: Sales will most likely be refunded immediately, in full, and not be paid out. Your account is also at risk of being terminated immediately, or the second time such an issue happens (depending on the case, for example we cannot tolerate any escorting services at all). 

Please understand that, by our terms, we reserve the right to refund any sale at any moment if we feel this is justified (in order to protect IndieBill & its directors legally). 

However, we're not in the business of refunding sales or terminating accounts. When we reach out to you about a moderation issue, it is first and foremost so that we can resolve it and work smoothly together looking forward! =)

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