We have added SWIFT Bank Transfers as a payout method for countries in which we do not have access to the domestic wire system. 

The needed minimum Balance on your IndieBill account is $100. If you have less on your Balance at the end of the pay period (15th /30th of each month), then the amount will remain there.

We initiate the payout form Europe in USD, so it can, on occasions, take up to 10 days for the money to arrive. However, generally it is quicker. 

The money will arrive on your bank account is your local currency directly.  Please consider that the rate of exchange depends on your bank, we do not control that part. 

When we initiate the payout we set it so that all costs related to the transfer should be charged on us. However, based on the policy of your Bank and local jurisdiction, you might be still subject to additional fees. We advise checking with your bank beforehand.

Notes :
If your country is part of Europe we can do SEPA Transfers, 

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