IndieBill does not (yet!) feature a specific Payment Page designed to sell custom content. However, we do allow taking payments for custom works - this will be done in two parts.

Here is how to do it: 

  • First you will create a 'New Content' page (Do NOT use the Tribute page) 
  • Make it clear on the page title and description that it is to collect payments for custom works 
  • You can set up different amounts for the prices you usually sell at (but remember the maximum is currently $300 on Content Pages) 
  •  Use this page to collect payments from your customers, you will receive an email notification as soon as they do pay 
  • The First content page you create will be for a pre-payment of the agreed-upon video. You should list in this product the expected full amount, but price it for a partial percentage. You will need to upload a photo with this content page. This photo can simply be a graphic that states "Custom Video".
  • Once you have created the content, you will create a Second content page with the product included and the remaining balance as the price.
  • Once the customer has downloaded the video, you will remove the second content page that had the video included. 
  • Please note the minimum price per GB is $3, so a 4GB video should be sold for a minimum of $12. The second content page should cover this cost. 
  • For example: If the video is 4GB and you want a total of $100 for the video, list the pre-payment (first content) page at $80 and the balance (second content) page at $20. This will guarantee the price per GB minimum will be covered when the product is uploaded. 

If a customer has to make a payment for which you have no preset amount available on your current Custom Video page, you can very quickly make a new one for this customer. 

Please make sure that your pages always make it clear that it is a payment for custom work and do not forget to write down how long you will take to deliver the file so that your customers are kept in the loop. 

If one of your customers bought Custom work for over $300, he can proceed to two transactions (however, over $600 spendings from a single customer in a single day is very likely not to work due to our anti-fraud policies).

Please note, this is a temporary solution. We are currently working on a proper procedure for merchants to have the ability to sell custom content, this is a way to protect both you and IndieBill from any legal repercussions that may arise in the case of a dispute over the purchase and delivery of custom content. 

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