We have a specialised payout partner for sending International Wire Transfers at low cost. That is why, unlike other sites, IndieBill does not charge $35 for sending payouts in this way.

We're able to send money to most countries of the world for free. You will not experience any fee either on your side to receive the wire.

The minimum balance for an International Wire Transfer is $100. 

The money will arrive on your bank account is your local currency directly

The conversion rate from US Dollars to your local currency that we use is the "mid-market rate" of the day the payout is being issued - the rate you see on Google pretty much.  Unlike banks, IndieBill does not actually turn a profit onto currency conversion.

As soon as we issue your payout, we will notify you by email. It usually takes 3 - 5 business days for international transfers to reach your account. 

If you wish to get your money wired under $100 it is possible as well : in this case drop us a line in the live chat and let us know you would like to receive your money. In this case, we will charge a $3 fee to cover our wire expenses.

Note : if you country is part of Europe, but has a different local currency than Euros then we will use International Wire Transfers - not SEPA Transfers.

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