By default, you receive your IndieBill earnings for free twice a month. However, you may choose to get paid daily instead by paying a fee to our daily pay partners.

We currently have 2 daily pay partners working with us :

  • BoleynModels is a studio ran by a former model. Besides daily payments they also provide tax & accounting help to their partners.
  • The DailyPay Services is the pioneer of daily pay studios, they focus on daily payments only but tend to be cheaper. (coming soon !)

If you choose to opt for a daily pay studio as your payout method, your payouts will be issued daily by them according to your deal with them (even on weekends for some payout methods).

It does not necessarily mean that your money will be available right away : depending on your payout method, it may take some time before reaches out to you.

Besides getting paid faster, the great thing about daily pay studio is that they are able to aggregate your earnings from many different sites. This tend to be better if you want to get a loan, purchase a house and so forth.

If you wish to get paid daily, simply click on your avatar in the top right and then Payouts to setup the method. You will need to have a valid account with the chosen daily pay studio.

Note : your IndieBill balance will not be updated everyday, instead it will be updated at the end of each pay period.

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